CHP Brasil

About CHP Brasil

About CHP Brasil

CHP Brasil is a 100% Brazilian technology based company. It was organized with the purpose of offering products for energy generation with less pollutant, alternate sources meeting the needs of small houses and big-sized corporations seeking energy saving, increase in energy efficiency, continuous generation or simply to acquire emergency operating equipment and/or products. The company emerged thanks to its main current product line, which are natural gas powered generator groups designed in 2004 with support from FINEP.

Currently, CHP Brasil is focused on the constant search for innovative and sustainable products that increase energy efficiency in the generation and use of energy, thus reducing the emission of pollutants.

The acronym CHP stands for Combined Heat & Power, which translated into technical form means Cogeneration, a widely used system in Europe that improves the energy efficiency of a power plant due to recovery of generator thermal loss. This specialized engineering is one of the company highlights that gave rise to the CHP Brasil brand.