Biogas is a clean, renewable fuel derived from organic matter decomposition, with properties similar to those of natural gas.

Productive processes that lead to biogas as a by-product - such as landfills, sewage treatment plants and rural properties - burn much of that fuel to reduce methane emissions or simply allow it to dissipate into the atmosphere, polluting the air and wasting its potential as a source of clean energy.

Technology developed by CHP Brasil aims to harness all the energy power of this clean and sustainable low costs fuel, generating savings in relation to electric and thermal energy expenditures and enabling revenue growth from the commercialization of the generated energy.

  1. Animal waste and all types of organic waste are mixed into the water in a biodigester feeder.
  2. In the biodigester, the action of bacteria decomposes the residue and turns it into methane gas (biogas), which can also generate fertilizer. The biogas desulfurization occurs in the biodigester.
  1. Biogas is piped to the treatment plant. This process improves the quality of the biogas and extends the life of the generator.
  2. Treated biogas is then taken to the CHP Brasil power generator, which will transform mechanical into electric energy. The equipment can also take advantage of the dissipated heat to generate thermal energy, a process referred to as ‘cogeneration’.
Ilustração do biogás - exibição na página

Bioenergia is a CHP Brasil group company focused on offering distributed generation solutions with biogas.

It is an exclusive seller of CHP Brasil's biogas distributed generation solutions, including generators and equipment, such as the Awite desulfurization system. Its business model consists on leasing equipment for the assembly of biogas power plants.

Bioenergia designs the biogas treatment systems that operate with CHP Brasil power generators.

Awite is a German company offering equipment and systems for biogas analysis, desulphurisation and automation.

With over 2,000 installed plants in the World, Awite chose CHP Brasil as its exclusive representative in Brazil, due to the company’s technical competency, ethics and committed team.

The automated desulfurization system injects the exact amount of oxygen into the biodigester, significantly reducing the amount of H2S (hydrogen sulphide). In addition, the automated gas analysis system delivers online monitoring of the composition of the gas leaving the biodigester, thus increasing the reliability of the power generation plant. online da composição do gás que está saindo do biodigestor, aumentando assim a confiabilidade da planta de geração de energia.

Rural properties and food industry

CHP330 em operação contínua em uma fazenda produtora de leite e derivados.

CHP330 in continuous operation on a farm producing dairy products.

CHP400 em operação contínua em um frigorífico de suínos.

CHP400 in continuous operation in a swine cooler.

O biogás é gerado em um aterro sanitário e transformado em biometano, que é comprimido e transportado por uma carreta que percorre 200 km até o cliente.

Biogas is generated in a landfill and transformed into biomethane, which is then compressed and carried over to the customer, traveling over 120 miles.

Usina de 4,5MW com 14 geradores  CHP400 operando em paralelo com o biometano proveniente do aterro sanitário. Essa potência é suficiente para atender a demandada energética do centro de distribuição do cliente.

4.5MW plant with 14 CHP400 generators operating in parallel with the biomethane from the landfill. The generated power is enough to meet the energy demand of the customer's distribution center.


Effluent treatment plant

O biogás produzido alimenta um gerador CHP60 que gera energia elétrica para a planta de tratamento do esgoto.

The biogas produced feeds a CHP60 equipment that generates electricity for the sewage treatment plant.