28 de November de 2017

Energy security

70% of the Brazilian energy matrix is water dependent. In times of drought, the risks of blackout increase, specially when trying to meet demand peaks. You need to be prepared.
9 de December de 2017

Distributed generation with biogas

When electric energy generation is higher than the plant consumption itself, the customer can inject the energy surplus in the distribution network of the local electric power company as an energy credit. Learn more about the opportunities.
9 de December de 2017

Qualified cogeneration

It is the process of simultaneous generation of two or more energies from the consumption of the same energy source. Read more.
17 de December de 2017

Distributed Generation with natural gas

Distributed generation is characterized by the generation of energy in the load center, that is, within range, or even inside the energy consumer itself. CHP Brasil has the best natural gas solutions for distributed generation.