Distributed Generation with natural gas

Qualified cogeneration
9 de December de 2017
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29 de January de 2018

Distributed generation is fundamental for the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix. CHP Brasil natural gas power generators increase the energy security of the plants, besides representing a power generation source itself and an alternative to local concessionaires.

Brazil holds a huge reserve of natural gas and may become self-sufficient in the medium term. Considering the current natural gas supply growth, we deem possible a price reduction which will lower the operating cost for electricity generation with natural gas.

Distributed generation with natural gas, in addition to being cleaner when compared to diesel, enables energy efficiency projects through cogeneration.

Cogeneration may produce energy beyond the amount required for consumption, thus making it possible to inject the surplus in the network of the local power distributor. That way, it ends up working as a credit, which the own customer may use in the future, or even for the benefit of a third party. In order to accomplish this, some rules need to be observed: energy credits must be delivered within the same concession area of ​​the local electricity utility.