Energy security

9 de February de 2017
Imagem do produto HSB60 sobre fundo neutro.
9 de December de 2017

Energy security is a matter for discussion both in government and in business.

70% of the Brazilian energy matrix is water dependent. In times of drought, the risks of blackout increase, specially when trying to meet demand peaks. You need to be prepared.

Energy generation in large hydroelectric dams also depends on transmission lines, often entailing losses of up to 20%, caused both by failure of the transmission system and by natural issues – such as the fall of a tree on a high wire tension.

Against the unpredictability of the various external factors that may impact energy delivery, one of the most reliable solutions is generating energy in the load center, referred to as distributed generation. In this context, the energy generation from natural gas – a resource we receive through pipelines – represents a great opportunity. Natural gas is abundant and has a low unavailability index, as well as being a relatively cleaner fuel compared to diesel.

Biogas is a 100% clean and renewable fuel that comes from the decomposition of waste and organic waste. As biogas can be stored, it also becomes a more reliable fuel in the distributed power generation process.